Yacht Charter Italy

With all that Italy has to offer in the way of dreamy landscapes and a sense of rich and vibrant history, it is no wonder it has remained one of the world’s most enduring yacht charter destinations. Italy is both social and romantic, so whether you are planning to sail with a group of friends or family members, or with your partner, your yacht charter Italy guarantees a vacation that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

There are 3 sailing areas in Italy, including the popular islands of Sardinia and Sicily. All have reliable winds for excellent sailing conditions.


Start your yacht charter in Sardinia from Costa Smeralda, "the Emerald Coast", an area buzzing with designer shopping, piazzas and stunning views. Sail north into the La Maddelena National Park, a marine park scattered with islands and sandy beaches, including the famous pink beach "spiaggia rosa" on Budelli. The seven main islands offer peaceful anchorages. Visit the delightful harbour at La Maddelana. Combine the flavors of Italy and France on this sailing holiday. Bonifacio on the French island of Corsica is within easy reach and the dramatic entrance through the narrow opening in the cliff, the “Baia di Bonifacio”, is not be missed.


The Aeolian Islands lie 25 miles off the northeast coast of Sicily. This volcanic chain of seven islands is named after the wind god, Aeolus. Some of the islands have a rich history dating back to Ancient Greece, others are sparsely populated. Today the Aeolian Islands are the favorite destination of Italian celebrities.  On your yacht charter Sicily visit Stromboli, the island that Dolce & Gabbana call home. As the sun sets, giant flames and molten rock spray from Stromboli’s crater like special effects in a Hollywood blockbuster. Vulcano also has a volcano that belches sulphurous smoke.

This is a popular sailing yacht charter destination with harbors and anchorages sheltered from the prevailing summer winds. The food is excellent and the local people are very hospitable.


You may end up staying longer than you planned on your yacht charter holiday just exploring the bays and harbors on Elba, seduced by the charm and beauty of this island that was home to the exiled Napoleon. However do not miss the other islands of the Tuscan archipelago, including Gorgona, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri, dramatic islands rising steeply from the sea. The islands form a convenient stepping stones between the Tuscan coastline and Corsica, allowing you to combine the flavors of Italy and France on your sailing holiday. Explore the East coast of Corsica before heading back to the islands or the Tuscan mainland.


The island of Capraia lies between Gorgona in the North and Elba in the South. It has an area of 19 square kilometers, making it the third largest of the Tuscan Islands. Its coastline is dramatic with high, rugged cliffs broken up with isolated beaches and caves. Inland, the terrain is wild and unspoilt with many nature trails.

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