Yacht Charter Spain

Yacht charter Spain offers the chance to discover a landscape full of charm and character, with sandy beaches and marinas aplenty. The land on the crossroads between Europe and Africa, Spain is well known for its erotic Flamenco music and bull-fights, however the country also offers beautiful architecture, rich history, diverse culture and beautiful clear waters.

Among the many beautiful sailing destinations in Spain, two are extremely popular:

The Canary Islands

Rent a yacht Canary Islands, a famous sailing destination due to both the favorable trade winds that enable sailing all year round and the unspoilt nature.

Yacht charter Canary Islands, the most beautiful mixture of different cultures, historical influences, people and inexplicable natural beauties in the world. Undisturbed miracles lie around every corner on all eight of its islands, creating a charming harmony of nature and warm local hospitality. The islands' history is long and rich - it dates back all the way to Ancient Greece. It was even thought for a while that Plato's legendary Atlantis was one of the Canary Islands. Sailing the Canary Islands will bring you closer to these historical mysteries.

The Balearic Islands

Yacht Charter in Balearic Islands, with the stunning golden sandy beaches, lovely crystal clear waters, lively nightlife and fantastic Spanish cuisine, these islands have been popular with land-based travelers for many years. The Balearics include several islands that are firmly engraved in the minds of many holidaymakers - Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca. It is yacht charter that is increasingly coming to the attention of visitors to the Balearics however, with the opportunity to see the islands in a very different light, away from the mass tourism. Even on a one week sailing holiday, you can visit Majorca, Menorca and Cabrera comfortably. Alternatively, take it easy and meander from bay to bay, anchoring off one of the many golden beaches by day and at night.

The weather in the Balearics is typically Mediterranean, with long hot and dry summers. During peak season of July and August temperatures average in the early 30s. In May and October you'll experience temps in the early to mid-20s. The winds are mostly moderate and average Force 3-4 (light to moderate winds). In Majorca and Menorca the wind comes predominantly from the North. In Mahon, the wind blows from the north 245 days a year. In Ibiza, Formentera and the other islands, the wind comes more from the South-East and wind speeds are generally lower.


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