Sailing Yachts

Sailing Yacht

They offer the full experience of sailing, with increasing comfort and luxury. Sailing Yachts head up wind better than Cats, and often appeal to more experienced sailors. The classic sailing yachts give you performance, freedom and the true feeling of sailing. Though primarily operated by the wind in the sails, sailing yachts are also equipped with an engine. Having an engine makes it easier to manoeuvre the yacht within a port, and allows you to continue your sailing vacation even if no wind is blowing. Thanks to their keel and ballast measures, monohulls became pretty stable in recent times, while modern designers improved the ergonomics of both deck and the interior, so the lack of space is not an issue any more.

Motor Yachts

Motor Yacht

For travellers seeking a luxurious way to enjoy honeymoons, family vacations or business parties, chartering motor yachts is definitely the way to go. Like floating hotels, villas and restaurants all in one, motor yachts provide a way for mid-sized to large groups to explore at their own pace. There are two types of motor yacht hulls, planing and displacement. Planing means that the boat reaches a faster speed and skims the top of the water so is more efficient and comfortable. Displacement travels slower (still around 12-15 knots) and you would feel a little more movement from the waves. Comfort is the other big selling point, lots of power on board for all the toys, such as water makers, air conditioners and dive compressors.



Catamarans offer a combination of space, privacy, luxury and comfort - at affordable prices - that are unique in yachting. The large open salons and decks, the luxurious sun decks just above the water, and the privacy of cabins in the pontoons of the catamarans make them perfect for families and couples to enjoy their holidays with a maximum of comfort and minimum of hassle. Catamarans are becoming the sailing yacht of choice for those who want to combine sailing, comfort and relaxation. A typical 38-47 foot catamaran will have four large cabins with double or queen-sized beds, each with an in-suite head. Cabins are usually located fore and aft in each hull. This layout configuration gives you full privacy and you do not hear anything from one cabin to the next. The cockpit and the salon in a catamaran are on the same level, providing spacious and comfortable gathering areas. In shallow water catamarans are superior to monohulls because most catamarans draw 4 feet or less of water they can anchor in places a monohull could not even consider.

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