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The high yacht charter season in Scandinavia is from the beginning of July till the end of September. In that period the darkness falls for just 3 hours. The beautiful coastline is sprinkled with archipelagos, undisturbed nature, clean beaches, isolated islands and coastal fishing villages.

Some of the places to visit:


The yacht charter Sweden season is July-September and darkness falls for just 3 hours a day in high summer. So there is almost constant daylight as you sail the waters of the north, south, east and west coasts. For a bit of medieval Sweden set course for the Baltic island of Gotland, with its perfectly preserved medieval town of Visby and/or the island of Öland for its ancient Viking settlements and taste of Swedish island life. If you want to combine sailing with your interest in food, then head for the Sweden’s West Coast. This area is rightly becoming famous for its fabulous shellfish; lobster, oysters and prawns. From Gothenburg and its Michelin-starred restaurants, to the summer town of Smögen and beyond you can enjoy a taste of the West Sweden.


Yacht charter in Norway is very impressive due to many islands (over 50,000), islets, inlets and fjords that cut into the mainland. Together with the fjords, bays and islands of the Norwegian Atlantic coast, the coastline measures over 80,000 km in total.

One of the possibilities is to rent a yacht around the Oslo Fjord. There are many interesting islands and quiet bays in which to drop anchor. It extends 100 km inland and connects the capital Oslo with Stavanger. The mountainous coast is very rugged, and the high forested mountains, deep fjords and numerous small islands form a terrific sailing landscape. Between the islands there are plenty of anchorages. It is worth a trip to the Hanseatic city of Bergen to visit the picturesque old town by the port.

The high yacht charter season starts in June and is finished by the end of August. During these months there is plenty of sunshine and the weather is often better than one would expect. The long, narrow coastal strip in the west is separated by mountains from the Scandinavian continental which is influenced by an eastern climate. The North Atlantic Current on the west coast creates a mild, humid climate. From lower latitudes, relatively warm water flows north and the coast is largely free of ice in winter.


Finland’s Baltic coast is a perfect yacht charter destination for anyone looking for a diverse sailing experience with that "extra something" mixed into its flavor. In the sailing world, Finland is also known as the "land of thousand seas". With 188,000 lakes (about 10% of the country) and almost as many islands, you will never fall short of things to see. In the northernmost part of the country, you can gaze at the beauty of the Northern Lights during the winter and experience the midnight sun in the summer.

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